The Swarthmore 150+

This list, curated by current and past students, is about what they did, should have done, or wished they had done before they graduated. Admittedly, the list is on the contemporary side, but some things don't change even as the classes do. We hope you'll find comfort in the items that sound familiar to you — and that you'll smile at the ones that do not. Have a suggestion on what to add? Let us know!

Swarthmore 150+
  • 151. Wonder why the Women's Resource Center, famous for its radical feminist library, also has sewing machines and a kitchen...use them anyways. (Christina Keller '14)

  • 152. Going to McCabe at 10, even if you're across campus, just to grab snacks and coffee.
    (Mariam Zakhary '13)

  • 153. Taking a nap in the science center commons...Those chairs are so comfortable.
    (Mariam Zakhary '13)

  • 154. Sunbath on Clothier Field while simultaneously watching a baseball or softball game.

  • 155. Find a way to fit a musical performance, athletic contest, and lecture into a single evening.

  • 156. Dodge the giant Wharton bees every spring.

  • 157. Dash for cash. (Chris Marin '96)

  • 158. Go on a road trip with fellow Swatties at some point in your life. (Chris Marin '96)

  • 159. Find that one thing you couldn't do in high school, because you were busting your butt studying,and do it. (Chris Marin '96)

  • 160. Play in a band so you can say you played in a band in college. (Chris Marin '96)

  • 161. Discover a quick way to find anyone who wants pizza at midnight and make an "app for that." (Chris Marin '96)

  • 162. Dancing varsity at Paces. (Cathy Chaplin '04)

  • 163. Build lifelong friendships with people from all around the country and the world.

  • Have a suggestion on what to add? Let us know!