The Swarthmore 150

This list, curated by current and past students, is about what they did, should have done, or wished they had done before they graduated. Admittedly, the list is on the contemporary side, but some things don't change even as the classes do. We hope you'll find comfort in the items that sound familiar to you — and that you'll smile at the ones that do not. Have a suggestion on what to add? Let us know!

Swarthmore 150


Soak up
the sun on
"the beach."

  • 1. Play misery poker: "I'll see your two seminar papers and raise you one lab report and a dance performance."

  • 2. Soak up the sun on "the beach."

  • 3. Problematize everything.

  • 4. Publish a paper.

  • 5. Make friends with the evening shuttle drivers.

Soak up the sun on 'the beach.'