Swathmore Drops "R" from Name to Fix 150 Years of Pronunciation Confusion

Video: [24 sec]

SWATHMORE COLLEGE, PA - In another effort to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the College's founding, the Quaker-founded school announced it will now be known as "Swathmore" College, effective immediately. 
"For 150 years, our community has debated, and quite frankly mangled, the pronunciation of the College's name," says President Rebecca Chopp. "Today, in true Quaker fashion, we have peacefully resolved this conflict once and for all by dropping the 'r.'"

At its most recent meeting, the College's Board of Managers approved the name change, which went into effect at 12:01 a.m. on April 1. 

The change is already in place in many areas on campus. Stonemasons have effaced the "r" from the rock at the College's entrance, new t-shirts are on order at the bookstore, and members of the admissions staff have removed old brochures from their shelves. 

Not all administrators are in favor of the change. While unavailable for comment, Vice President for College and Community Relations Maurice Eldridge '61 could be heard quietly weeping from his office on the second floor of Parrish Hall.

Efforts to simplify other confusing naming conventions on campus will soon get underway. "There are three 'Lang' buildings, three places called 'Tarble,' two ways to pronounce 'Sharples' - not to mention the whole 'Swarthmorean'/'Swattie' debate," says one community member. "Who can blame us for being confused?"